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This site is my home location for gathering information about virtualization in the technology field. Since the early 2000's I've have spent the majority of my time and effort in building / optimizing datacenter infrastructure. Tools like VMware have driven me to concentrate on optimizing the resources that live in our datacenters and how to reduce the dependency of hardware and datacenter
location when building IT solutions.


Today everyone call this "Cloud", a few years ago it was server virtualization, before that it was server consolidation. Whatever the name the direction is still the same - improve the services running in the datacenters; leverage the infrastructure to enable applications to meet the SLAs they need to support the business community.

ESXi Configurator Utility

The ESXi Configurator is a utility to help manage stand along ESXi hosts. This utility is a GUI interface to VMware RCLI application. The ESXi Configurator uses the VMware RCLI scripts to execute all its function and features. The utility is a GUI application that uses the RCLI perl scripts to perform its tasks. This is a very simple front end interface to the RCLI (command line only) scripts.

This initial release includes the ability to backup, restore and update your ESXi host (epically handy for people that are not using VirtualCenters Update Mangers). This a first release and I'm sure still has a few bugs. Please feel free to contact us with any issues you run into or with any suggestions you might have for the application



VMware RCLI is required to be installed on your machine in order to use the ESXi Configurator Utility.This application is not intended for production use!!!!!



What you can do....

Backup the ESXi Configuration
- allows you to backup and restore an ESXi configuration to a file on a remote machine.
Restore backup configurations - allows you to restore an ESXi config file to an ESXi hosts
Update your ESXi code - enables you to easily update your ESXi with the latest patches from VMware
Inventory your Host - bunch of RCLI reporting features giving details about your ESXi server.

The ESXi Configuration Utility is written and designed by Kristy Wolenbarger and Robert Wilson. This application is considered freeware software, it is not intended for use in a production environment.