Minecraft for Dads

The 101 for Dads with kids that are obsessed with Minecraft!

If you have children between 6 and who knows how old - then you've heard of Minecraft (especially if you have boys that have access to a computer or friends)

In my case I have two sons between the ages of 8 and 10 and both have been addicted to Minecraft since its first release back in 2012.

Since then I've been peppered with "Dad can you get this MOD, can you get this SKIN, can you get a SEED...." For the last two years I've had to learn a ton about MC - All the server modes, difficulty levels and combination of each. I've hosted servers in my home, deployed servers in the "Cloud", purchased Realms and purchased "Hosted MC servers".

All this on top of keeping up with every MC version release and then starting all over again - not much compatibility between versions :).

Currently all the rage is "Mini Games" and "Command Blocks" and a ton of internet searches and YouTube video's later we're creating games within MC.

And with the pain I've decided to share what I've learned - OLD SCHOOL style. No YouTube and very few images. Going to use actual words and exact commands so other Dads like me can develop servers for their kids, and cousins, and friends for your kids.....